Greetings to you and welcome to my website!

I have been working as a makeup artist since 2006, having obtained my Diploma with full distinctions from Brushstrokes School of Advanced Makeup Artistry in Cape Town ...

I specialise in bridal, matric ball make-up applications, for which I have won awards.

I also species in corporate events, model photo-shoots, fashion shows, TV presenters, and all commercial and editorial makeup requirements.

I do TFCD especially if it incorporates my specialities.

I also offer smokey-eye makeup lessons.

For all of the above I travel to my clients venues of choice.

My greatest rewards are the smiles on faces as I create the magic ...


I want my clients to look and feel their very best.

I look forward to meeting you!

WhatsApp Didi: 062 782 1284

What Makeup do I Use?

I don't believe in limiting myself to only one professional range.

The very best makup artists continue to experiment with all professional makeup ranges, this way we will discover new make-up colours, tones and products.

These days most makeup ranges are hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic, which is wonderful news for makeup artists.

Hypoallergenic: Decreased tendency to cause allergies; hypo means less, not none.

Non-comedogenic: Term applied to oils, lotions, and skin creams that do not block pores, which reduces the incidence of pimples.

MakeUp4Art does not limit the client to a small pool of colour pigments, tones and shades, therefore uses various professional and high end makeup brands, specifically designed to give a smoother complexion in front of the camera lens, and also off camera, which is feather light, the goal always being to ensure an end result of clear, smooth, porcelain skin texture and appearance.

Beautiful, healthy, perfect skin is merely the starting point - The canvas for makeup creativity therefore follows. 

Thinking out of the box instead of churning out run-off-the-mill faces is what separates the motivated and talented makeup artists from the rest. 

I look forward to meeting you!  



[email protected]

ABIA 2012
Bridal Industry Associate, Accreditation Level 1.
This title is provided to suppliers who achieve ABIA’s standards in their first year as a member of the Academy.

ABIA has since changed its name to SABIA ... and has closed down in South Africa, but is still ongoing Australia, it's base  ...

The Africa Bridal Industry Academy was founded in 2008 as a National Wedding Industry Authority designed to distinguish quality wedding suppliers as determined by Brides.

Since then ABIA (SABIA) have assisted over 20,000 brides to select the best suppliers from a total of 15,000 Wedding Suppliers who have been rated and evaluated by past brides.

The ABIA (SABIA) Accreditation program is (was then) open to all wedding suppliers in South Africa who demonstrate a high standard of quality and service.

ABIA (SABIA) gathers feedback from Brides about Suppliers – referred to as the ‘Bridal Rating’ - and uses this as the basis of the ABIA (SABIA) Accreditation Program and Brides Choice Awards.

Your wedding day:
Would you hire your wedding photographer to do your flowers or catering?
Don’t combine a wedding hair stylists and makeup artist. Hiring one person for wedding hair and makeup is a mistake.

Time! – How many hours are there on a typical wedding morning before the ceremony? – 

Can one person do hair and makeup for the entire entourage of five or ten people before the ceremony at 2pm, plus do it to perfection? 

The last in line needs to get dressed, after makeup and hair?

What about the photographer he needs his time allocated to him before 2pm also? 

The chapel may not be nearby?

There is a schedule on the wedding day and it must be kept if the bride wants to meet her loving groom on time for her ceremony.

These are merely a few of the little things to consider before the day 

Would the bridal entourage want to wake up while it’s still dark outside before the birds even start singing, to start such an important day? 

All service providers who specialise, know through experience, that for some reason, time has no mercy for anyone on the wedding day. Nobody wants bags under the eyes or extra stress from lack of sleep prior to any event day.

Don’t accept a crazy tight wedding day schedule, that has no leeway.

Instead of spending two hours on the bride’s makeup and her hair, the ‘combined’ service provider will need to force herself to have the bride ready and polished in one hour? – So that she can do everyone else’s hair and makeup in even less time.

This would be required in order to get through doing makeup and hair for the rest of the moms, bridesmaids, flower girls and groom – to be in time for the photographer, if it is an early ceremony and an average sized bridal Party.

What if it’s an extra large bridal party? What then? Is everyone going to be allocated merely 15 minutes for their hair and 15 minutes for makeup? – How will the makeup and hair turn out then?

In the case of a large bridal party, will the ‘combined’ service provider know when it’s the right thing to do to offer a referral for the makeup or hairstyling? – Or will he / she prefer to rush your wedding services in order to quote the bride double?
You didn’t pay all that expense for one day, just to have all pre-wedding preparations rushed.

Specialisation! – 99% of talented hair stylists are very good at one thing – Hair! And talented makeup artists are usually better at makeup - Why take that chance with your bridal makeup / hair? 

Your wedding day is the ONE day you really need service providers who specialise! One person trying to do it all sounds marvellous, especially when you consider the extra travel fee you could save – But is it really worth it? – And how much will you really save? 

Do you ask your photographer to do your flowers also, in order to save on his/ her  travel fee? Of course not. 

If logistically possible, you could inquire whether two service providers are willing and able to travel together. That would be the best way to bring down travel expense if you could. Certainly worth a try!

Look at the credentials, talent and experience of your service providers and decide who to hire from that point instead.

Most salons offering to do your wedding day makeup, are using hair stylists, aestheticians or cosmetologists – Not necessarily makeup artists. 

If the person offering to do your bridal makeup doesn’t have qualifications, a portfolio - usually two or more - their own website, has no advertising as a makeup artist – then usually they’re not a makeup artist.

I have personally combined makeup AND hair before myself as a makeup artist, I have won awards in both fields – but I have only ever combined my services for one person at a time, never for an entire bridal entourage. 

It’s your wedding day and your wedding day photos for life ... It’s also your choice ...

Keep browsing my website, particularly MakeUp4Art portfolios, and come back soon again for more bridal and other event makeup advice and tips!

Blessings to you!
From a service provider who knows!

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